After studying Art History in Paris, I moved to Tokyo, where I taught French for 3 years in a language school. I also worked as a host in a french "conversation Lounge". On my return to France, I worked for several years in a copyright collecting society, and at the same time I volonteered in a literacy association.

Then I took a parental leave. This parental leave was crucial, because it gave me time to think, and helped me to determine my choice of career transition.

Being in love with French language and having a taste for passing knowledge along, the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE) appeared to me as an adequate and obvious choice. Then I undertook a teaching training at L'Alliance Française, and today I give FLE courses to individuals and professionals in Paris. I also offer various services related to French language : proofreading of all your documents, french spelling refresher course, and English to French translation.

I also work for AdomCours - - Private course Institute specialized in the teaching of French and French as a foreign language (FLE).