Private French lessons in Paris


"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own"



These courses are designed for those who wish to learn French or improve their French : students, au pair, expatriate professionals , tourists... Whatever your profile is, I can adapt to your level in French and to your expectations :

  • Enhance your communication ability in everyday life
  • Be able to communicate efficiently in a working environment
  • Prepare for the DELF, DALF or TCF test
  • Improve your understanding of French culture
  • Develop your intuitive comprehension of the language

Just contact me and together we will elaborate a syllabus that meets your needs. The first interview is offered. During this interview :

  • We will evaluate your level in French with the CECR scale (used by the Alliance Française among others)
  • We will determine what are your language needs in everyday life, and what are your strengths and weaknesses
  • We will develop a course program and a lesson calendar suited to your availabilities and your goals

From the first lesson to the last one, I am at your disposal : You can contact me anytime about what we have studied together, to ask for some help to write a document, or to fill in an administrative form etc.

Your lesson in 3 steps :

Consolidating knowledge

  • Brush up the previous lesson
  • Correct the exercices that were given

Building Knowledge

  • Learn and understand : grammar and vocabulary of the day
  • Practice :  written and spoken exercices to reuse what has just been studied and assimilate the lesson
  • Oral or written production : speaking and dialoging, or writing a short text

Personalized follow-up

  • Within two days after the lesson, you will recieve a summary sheet
  • I will also send you homework for the next lesson